YPO New York City
Leadership. Learning. Life-long.
YPO NYC is a boutique YPO chapter founded in 2005 that prides itself on its diversity and cohesion among its members.
The membership is intimate and exclusive with a maximum of 70 members.
Only in YPO Experiences

FlyNyon – Sunset Flight

Holiday Party at the Rainbow Room

Insight into the State of the World at The Morgan Library

The Rink at Rockefeller Center - A Family Ice Skating Party

Family Retreat to Paws Up Ranch

US Open Quarterfinals Night

“YPO NYC is a very important part of my and my family’s life. It is the ultimate expression of work/life balance, in that it integrates the personal and professional. My husband and I have gained meaningful friendships and had unique experiences we never would have had otherwise. I am stronger professionally as a result of all I have learned and the connections I have made being a member of the YPO New York City Chapter. Even my children are benefiting, by first attending family events and now as YNG members in their own right.”
Stephanie Marchesi

“Joining the YPO New York City Chapter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Professionally and personally, YPO NYC has broadened my horizon and enriched my life. Whether through forums, local and global events, YPO offers seemingly an endless stream of unique opportunities to learn and make meaningful connections with a fantastic group of people.”
Seung Bak, Luvie Holdings LLC

“I was at a summit on transforming business models to increase sustainability and positive societal impact, and one of my fellow attendees there was a YPOer from Africa. I had never heard of YPO. He told me YPO broadened his horizons while bringing his personal and professional selves closer together. I didn’t fully understand at the time, though I was intrigued. Since joining YPO New York City Chapter, I have come to understand that this is indeed the magic. Being a part of YPO NYC has broadened me by bringing new experience and education into my life, while providing me with deep peer connections that are both personal and professional. It’s a unique and energizing experience.”
Yana Kakar, Global Managing Partner, Dalberg

We welcome you to join us in YPO New York City!